JoAnn Silverstein

Research Interests: biological water/wastewater treatment processes, including nitrogen transformation in activated sludge and biofilm, bioremediation of acid mine drainage, bioreactors for recycling wastewater space, biodegradation of solid waste.


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Selected Research Papers

1.       Peccia, J., E. Marchand, J. Silverstein, M. Hernandez, “Development and Application of Small-Subunit rRNA Probes for Assessment of Selected Thiobacillus Species and Members of the Genus Acidiphilium. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 66(7):3065-3072, 2000.

2.      Marchand, E. and J. Silverstein, “Remediation of Acid Rock Drainage by Inducing Biological Iron Reduction.” Proc. 5th Intl. Conf. Acid Rock Drainage, Soc. Mining, Metal. & Explor., 1201-1207, 2000.

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Silverstein, J. (inventor), Univ. Colorado (owner), “Biological Denitrification of Water,” U.S. (#5,681,471, Oct. 28, 1997) and international (European Patent Office, no. 97903788.4-2104, 10/8/98), currently licensed by Univ. Colorado to Nitrate Removal Technologies, LLC.

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