Spring 2018: Hydrologic Sciences and Water Resources Engineering Seminar Series

                Location:    ECCE 1B41            Time:    Wednesdays 11:00 - 12:00 PM           

Co-ordinator:   Prof. R. Balaji




Jan. 17
Dr. Rebecca Smith
USBR, Denver, CO
Co-production with Front Range, Colorado, Water Managers to Evaluate Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) and Increase their Potential to Impact long term Planning Abstract
Jan. 24
Prof. David Mays
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Colorado, Denver, CO
Uranium, Groundwater, Supercomputing, and Chaos Abstract
Jan. 31
Prof. Jasmine Saros
Climate Change Institute &
School of Biology & Ecology
University of Maine,
Oreno, ME
CWEST Distinguished Seminar
 Paleo and Contemporary Perspetives on Arctic Lake Ecosystem Change in West Greenland Abstract
Feb. 7
Prof. Paul Block
Water Systems and Society Group

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Approaches to Reducing Vulnerability to Variability: Seasonal Forecasts, Financial Tools, and Water Markets (or "What I've done Since Graduating from CU")
Feb. 14
Mr. Ian Bowen
U.S. EPA, Denver
Hydrologic Characterization of a Large Mining District Superfund site in Colorado Abstract
Feb. 21
Prof. McKenzie Skiles
Department of Geography
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Joint CWEST Seminar
Remote Sensing of Mountain Snow Water Resources: Recent Advances with High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Imagery Abstract
Feb. 28
Mr. Paul Micheletty
RTI International
Water Resource Management Division
Fort Collins, CO

Advancing Water Supply Forecasts in the Colorado River Basin for Improved Decision Making Abstract
Mar. 7
Dr. Greg McCabe
Chief Scientist of Hydroclimatic Processes and Hazards Project
National Research Program
USGS, Denver
CWEST Distinguished Seminar
Factors affecting Risks of Water Supply Shortages in the Colorado River Basin Abstract
Mar. 14
Prof. Martin Doyle
Director Water Policy Program
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Duke University, Durham, NC
CWEST Distinguished Seminar
Water infrastructure finance: What water scientists of the 21st century should know about federal budgeting practices and tax policy
Mar. 21
Hydrology Days 2018 Mar 19-21 Hydrology Days 2018 Mar 19-21
Mar. 29
Spring Break Spring Break
Apr 4
Prof. Jesus Gomez-Velez
Department of Earth and Environment Science
New Mexico Tech., Soccorro, NM
The Nested Nature of Hydrologic Systems and Its Implications for River Corridor Processes Abstract
Apr. 11
Hydrologic Sciences Annual Student Symposium
Apr 12-13
Hydrologic Sciences Annual Student Symposium Apr 12-13
Apr. 18
Prof. Ryan Morrison
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

Scale-dependent Methods to Manage Water Resource Systems for Ecological Integrity Abstract
Apr. 25
Prof. Jack Schmidt
Department of Water Shed Sciences
Utah State University
CWEST Distinguished Seminar
Environmental Management of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries: Science, Values, and Public Policy Abstract