Spring 2010: Hydrologic Sciences and Water Resources Engineering Seminar Series

Location:    ECCB 1B41                   Time:    11:00 - 12:00 PM            Co-ordinator:   Prof. R. Balaji




Jan. 13 (Wed) Prof. Casey Brown
Civil and Environmental Engg.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Decision-scaling for Probabilistic Assessment of Climate Risks to Water Resource Systems
Jan. 20 (Wed) Dr. Barry Eakins
Challenges developing integrated bathymetric-topographic DEMs to support tsunami forecast and warning, and coastal inundation Abstract
Jan. 27 (Wed)
Prof. Shaun Lovejoy, Physics Dept.
McGill University, Canada
The space-time cascade structure of precipitation, the atmosphere and its numerical models
Feb. 3
Prof. John Crimaldi, CEAE
University of Colorado, Boulder
Structured Mixing in Obstacle Wakes: Implications for Broadcast Spawing
Feb. 10
Dr. Charles Meertens
Facility Director, UNAVCO
Boulder, CO
Using Precision GPS to Monitor Hydrological Effects from Surface Loading and Pumping in the Western U.S Abstract
Feb. 17
Prof. John Cassano, ATOC & CIRES , CU, Boulder
A Synoptic Climatology Perspective on Projected Changes in the Polar
Hydrologic Cycle: Projected Changes in Greenland Precipitation Abstract
Feb. 24 (Wed) Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan, CEAE & CIRES
University of Colorado, Boulder
The Once and Future Pulse of the Indian  Monsoon Climate
Mar. 3 (Wed) Dr. Noah Molotch
Department of Geography & INSTAAR
University of Colorado, Boulder
Merging satellite data, ground measurements, and modeling to understand
the mountain water cycle
Mar. 10 (Wed) Prof. James Guo, Civil Engineering
University of Colorado, Denver
Low-Impact Development Hydrology for New Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure Abstract
Mar. 17 (Wed) Prof. Jose Salas, Civil & Env. Engineering
Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Characterizing the Dynamics of Droughts Based on Stochastic Methods

Mar. 24 (Wed)
Mar. 31
Hydrologic Sciences Annual Student Symposium April 1-2 Hydrologic Sciences Annual Student Symposium April 1-2
Apr. 7
Mr. Thomas Phillips
Department of Geography & CIRES
University of Colorado, Boulder
Characterization of the Cryo-Hydrologic System of the Sermeq Avannarleq Glacier in Greenland and its Influence on Ice Temperature
Apr. 14 (Wed) Dr. Michelle Walvoord
Research Hydrologist
USGS Denver
Hydrologic Impacts and Biogeochemical Consequences of Ground Ice and Permafrost Thaw in the Yukon River Basin, Alaska and Other Northern Ecosystems
Apr. 21
Prof. Jeffrey Weiss, ATOC
University of Colorado, Boulder
Using Coherent Structures in the Atmosphere and Ocean to Improve Forecasts
Apr. 28 (Wed) Prof. Tissa Illangasekare, Director, CESEP
Colorado School of Mines, Golden
Intermediate-scale Testing for Process Understanding, Model Validation and Up-scaling of Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Subsurface Systems