George Hearn
Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder
Steel Design CVEN 4545 Steel Design
3 Credit hours. Applies basic principles to design of steel structures; design of tension members, columns, beams, and connections. Preliminary design of steel buildings. 
Audience Undergraduates
Format Lecture
Offered Spring '17
Prereq CVEN 3525
CVEN 4555 Reinforced Concrete Design
3 Credit hours. Applies basic principles to design of reinforced concrete slabs, beams adnd columns.  Preliminary design of reinforced concrete structures
Audience Undergraduates
Format Lecture
Offered Fall '16
Prereq CVEN 3525
Advanced Steel Design CVEN 5575 Advanced Steel Design
3 Credit hours. Basis for AISC code provisions concerning slender columns, slender beams, plate girders, composite beams, plastic analysis of multistory frames, and second order effects in frames.
Audience Graduate Students
Format Lecture
Offered Fall '16
Prereq CVEN 4545
Prestressed Concrete Design CVEN 5585 Prestressed Concrete Design
3 Credit hours. Applications of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned reinforced concrete members in buildings and bridges. Presentation of ACI and AASHTO design codes for prestressed members.
Audience Graduate Students
Format Lecture
Offered -
Prereq CVEN 4555
Cable Supported Structures CVEN 5835 Cable Supported Structures
3 Credit hours. Preliminary design and analysis of suspension roofs, suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, air-inflated roofs, tensegrity domes, and anticlastic fabric structures.
Audience Graduate Students
Format Lecture
Offered -
Prereq CVEN 5525 CVEN 4545
Load Posting Practices
NCHRP Synthesis Report 453 on practices in posting highway bridges for loading.  Overview of load posting status of US bridges, load posting vehicles, legal loads and routine permit loads.
BMS Case Studies Bridge Management Case Studies
Publication prepared for USDOT FHWA on practices in bridge management of US State transportation departments in Idaho, Michigan and Virginia.  Case studies in BMS are part of FHWA's continuing effort to provide technical assistance and  information to road agencies on best practices.
87-60 Final Report
Deterioration and Cost Information for Bridge Management
Final report for CDOT project 87-60 to assemble deterioration, action and cost data for CDOT's Pontis BMS preservation model. The project will populate data tables in Pontis, operate the preservation model and evaluate the quality of outcomes, and establish automated procedures for ongoing preparation and use of construction cost data in CDOT's Pontis system.
National Bridge Maintenance Database
NCHRP Report 668 on development of a system for uniform reporting, archiving and retrieval of data on maintenance work on highway bridges. The database will allow transportation departments to study effectiveness of maintenance products and methods through examination of performance at multiple DOTs.  Sponsor: NCHRP.  Project: 14-15.

Scan 07-05 Best Practices in Bridge Management Decision-Making
Report on US best practices in selection, execution and evaluation of DOT programs for bridge maintenance. In progress.  NCHRP 20-68A – US Domestic Scan Program
Bridge Inspection Practices
NCHRP Synthesis Report 375 on administration, personnel, methods, intervals, quality control and quality assurance in highway bridge inspections. Participation by US state DOTs, and roads agencies in Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland.
Bridge Preservation and Maintenance in Europe and South Africa
Report of the international scan trip on bridge inspection, maintenance methods and maintenance programming.

Service Life and Cost Comparisons for Four Types of CDOT Bridge Decks
Evaluation of costs and performance of four types of reinforced concrete bridge decks for a population of 82 CDOT bridge decks.  Computation of average service life, average material costs for construction, and average maintenance costs.  Computation of a set of cost evaluations including present value unit cost and annualized unit cost.

Feasibility of a Management System for Retaining Walls and Sound Barriers
Blueprint for asset management systems for retaining walls and sound barriers. Wall/barrier management systems are implemented within existing software for bridge management such as AASHTOWare's Pontis management system. The project developed inventory record for walls and barriers, elements for walls and barriers, the use of components for hidden elements of walls, condition states, and appraisals, together with initial recommendations on inspection practices and intervals.
CU/NEES Lab Reaction Wall
Design and fabrication of a system of modular reactions walls to used in earthquake engineering research at the University of Colorado.
Sponsor: NSF